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Fairbanks, Gable and Valentino. The greatest romantics of their day. But the era of Hollywood romance and chivalry has not died - step forward Lee Ealham, a personal trainer from Ashford whose special proposal to girlfriend Claire, won the heart of his fair lady.

On the pretence of a Sunday stroll in the country, Lee brought Claire to look round the medieval priory of St. Augustine's, Bilsington. As they walked through the grounds of this most romantic of wedding venues, an aircraft circled overhead, streaming a banner proclaiming Lee's love for Claire. In the background, singer-songwriter Emily Lane performed a private session of Claire's favourite numbers, and as a slightly bemused Claire looked on, Lee dropped to one knee to ask for her hand in marriage. What could the girl say?! Her affirmative reply was promptly celebrated as Libby Lawson and Julie Hanbury, of the St. Augustine's wedding team, stepped forward with champagne to toast the special occasion.

All of us at St. Augustine's look forward to welcoming Claire and Lee back for their special day in 2016!